REAL BLOG 02/22/2010
This isnt my real blog. This is:
As of now, my re creation of keyboard cat is 8th most popular in Flipnote Studios.

Look at "Gaming info" for my command key
Im kind of mad about www.runekey,c|om. It came out of no were, and i dont own it. The owner goes by the name runekey123, but it still pissess me off. I cant just get the webstie shut down, though. Its quickly evolved into a very large website.

But i just wish he would change his name....
I didnt like considering myself a company. I didnt sell anything. Everything I do i do for fun and for free. Ill still be posting youtube videos and stuff, but I dont have a staff, and im not a company.

For more information, see "About"
Tweet 07/25/2009

Got me a fancy twitter box in the corner there, you see it? its nice, aint it?

LIVE 06/21/2009

RuneKey LIVE is here! Soon, i hope to get a capture card, so i can stream live video game footage to my LiveStream account. Check it out under "LIVE" tab.


Well, i finally did it. I made a MMORPG (Massivley Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) called "Echo Gate Online" or "EGO"

Its rough, and its not really any fun at all, but its there. Go to the tab "Games" and download the BETA.


I'm beginning to move my site from it's old home at to here,

It's kind of a jump, since I have used blogger forever. I'm a bit nervious that weebly might not work as well as blogger did, but I needed to get tabs instead of those individual blog links I called "pages".

More updates will be comming, so please subscribe to RuneKey Co. Blog RSS feed at the bottom of the page. 


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    This isnt my real blog. This is my mini blog.

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