The following information may not be updated immediatly. To see up-to-date information about my currently joined clans, visit

Please do not send me emails asking to join your clan if im already in a clan for that game. Thank you.


-The Bell Agency Clan (Animal Crossing City Folk and The Conduit Clan) [disbanded]

-Virtual Console Club (all Nintendo DLC and Disc games Club)

-Uber Prime (Metroid Prime Hunters Clan) [disbanded]

-JarHeads Clan (Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Clan) [JH]

-Most Wanted (Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Clan) [MW]

-PlayStation Forums Call of Duty Clan (Call of Duty Clan) [PSF]

-The Crazy Killers Clan (Raven MAG Clan) [aka]

-Insubordinate Ollies (Skate 3 Team) [iso]

-TOP (Socom Confrontation Clan) [TOP]

-Why So Serious? - Seriousless (Killzone 2 clan) [WSS]


PlayStation Network: RuneKey
Steam: Runekey

Xbox Live: Runekey


Wii: 0657-4219-6702-7801
Xfire: RuneKey
EA Nation Persona: RuneKey
PlayFire: RuneKey

AIM: runekey
Skype: RuneKey
Windows Live:

(please note that I only accept facebook friend requests of people that I know in real life)

Screen Names:

RuneScape: nintendomo
CrossFire: RuneKey
CounterStrike 2D: runekey
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory: RuneKey
Counter Strike Source: RuneKey
Half Life 2 DeathMatch: RuneKey
Day of Defeat Source: RuneKey
Mario Kart Wii: RuneKey
Smash Bros Brawl: RKEY
The Conduit: RuneKey
Metroid Prime Hunters: RuneKey
Mario Kart DS: RuneKey
Pokemon Platinum: RuneKey

Nsider2: RuneKey
Naruto Base Forums: runekey
WiiSpace Forums: runekey
GameSpot Forums: runekey
IGN Forums: runekey RuneKey
Animal Crossing Community: nintendomo

FlipNote Studios Name: RuneKey
 Command Key: L-B-Up-Down-R-Down-Up-Left




NOTICE: I do not trade friend codes with people I do not know, nor do I accept friend requests from people I do not know, so please dont send me any unless I know you or you email me first. Thank you.